Alley Gator
Reptiles are In!
We're talking some ancient, nasty reptiles here which continue to strike fear in man. Maybe it's because they haven't heard that WE are supposed to be at the top of the food chain.
Embrace Your Red Neck Roots
Adorably red neck, the Bubba car shouts independence and self confidence. Looks great on a car 'in progress.'
Great White
Bigger is Better
The quintessential marine killer, this eating machine knows no bounds. When it's kill or be killed, it's good to know which side you're on. The large, triangular profile is hard to miss, making for a 'striking' performance.
Happy Car
Smiles All Around
You'll be measuring your smile performance in SPG (smiles per gallon) from fellow drivers and pedestrians. Spread the fun around.
Mako Time for a Shark Attack
A car with these teeth gets attention. The shark has survived millenia as an efficient carnivore, striking fear into lesser creatures. Nothing symbolizes power quite like the shark's gaping maw or razor sharp teeth, and you'll probably get a little more room on the road by sporting them yourself.
You Can 'Count' on This One
Rule the night and day with fangs fit for a Count. Put the strength, power, and romance of the vampire into your car. Not just for after dark, these work great for Halloween dress-up and to add a little mystery to your steed.
Nine personality styles are available to give your car
that special attitude. Check 'em out
, and see which
one is a match for you.
Miata Teeth Grille Inserts
Fangs Galore
You wanted more fangs. You got 'em! By customer
request, we have added canines big time. Call 'em
wolves, leopards, panthers, or even the
werewolf, they're the biggest, baddest canines
your car will ever see.
Ghosts and Ghouls Beware
Inspired by the quintessential Halloween
symbol, this teeth style is both dramatic and
bold with large features that make these teeth
visible from far and wide. The headlights make
perfect eyes turning the front of your car into
an unmistakable face. Guaranteed to get smiles.
Wabbit Just Plain Fun
You just can't have more fun with an auto
accessory. Think of it as a bunny, beaver, mouse,
or your favorite cartoon character. Such a small
change; such a unique look for your car.