Our unique and fun-loving teeth grille inserts are a great way to express
yourself and bring some enjoyment to the folks around you. It's time to give
your car the personality it deserves.

Explore the tabs to your left to learn more about how our teeth grille inserts
can make all the difference to your car's appearance and add to the
excitement of driving. Be prepared for the laughter of children and the
nodding smiles of your fellow drivers as they notice and acknowledge your
car's individuality. Folks will wave, smile, point, and go out of their way to
tell you what a "cool car" you have.
Nine great Miata teeth styles
from which to choose
Easy installation in just minutes
Exclusive to AutoXpressions.com
Additional styles and products
for other car models to come
Proven Track Record

AutoXpressions.com has been bringing smiles to the driving community since
1998 and has been on the web the entire time. We stand behind our
products. Our teeth grille inserts are cut from
high quality exterior-grade
plastic resins making them durable, easy to install, and just a blast to have
on your car.
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See the car personality styles we have to offer, make your selection, and
begin your adventure. You'll never look back.
Miata teeth happy face model
Cars with Attitude
For the Miata owner who has everything,
including taste and a sense of fun.
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